Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Resurrect Your Beauty, Pronounce it Proudly

                                          How to Be a Water Lily                                                                          

Water-dwelling majestic flower,
Command notice.
Do not be demure in your splendor.

You are not a one trick pony.
You are more than starry beauty afloat.

Reborn annually from your winter home of pond muck.
Change hues as your blooms mature.
Provide shade to cool water and slow growth of algae.
Shelter fish beneath your leaves from eyes of prey. 

Close at darkness.
Reopen at dawn.
Resurrect your beauty and pronounce it proudly.

The other morning I went kayaking at a local spot that I frequent often. This time my local pond had a surprise for me. As I slid my kayak into the water and began paddling, I looked up and saw water lilies in bloom all around the pond. I have never seen this many water lilies in bloom at one time! Such beauty surrounding me! The edge of the circumference was dotted with white flowers all the way around.  

Water lilies are one of my favorite flowers. They offer quiet beauty to their watery environment. I love to row as close as I can to them without disturbing the water, leaves or petals and just take time to observe their beauty. This was a very slow paddle as I maneuvered through the collections of water lilies and caught them at different points of blooming. Such a morning delight!

Poetry form: How to Be a ….

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