Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Decked in Vivid Finery

Dressed in vivid finery

celebrating lives well lived-                                            

Ethereal beauty bestowed on earth.


Youth has faded away.

Embracing their final days

dressed in vivid finery.

Days ticking by Spring, Summer and Fall.

Opening buds of luscious green become ruby reds

 to celebrate lives well lived.

 A grove basking in sunlight

swaying to the rhythm of the wind.

Ethereal beauty bestowed on earth.

The past weekend was a dream here in the Finger Lakes Region- 70 degrees, blue sky, and sunshine at the end of October. This alone would have brought much joy but add on to this the STUNNING colors of the trees. Looking around, ruby reds, golds, and tangerines were aglow in the sunshine. It was remarkably beautiful.

It struck me that leaves really know how to embrace their final days. They have lived their life cycle and end it by celebrating with beauty. Their last days are their glory. They dance to the music of the wind fluttering on branches until the final release. Then they do a graceful dance to their final resting place. 

Maybe nature has something to teach us again- Embrace and celebrate our aging. Live our final days in glory to cast beauty on those surrounding us. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Oh, Glory of the Night

Oh, glory of the night

provider of brilliant autumnal light.

Giant pumpkin full circle bright

dancing on the horizon at twilight.

Moonbeam messenger that it's time to prepare

before coldness arrives, sure to ensnare.

Your mysterious beauty shines so rare

that all of the earth does heavenly stare.

This past weekend I was on a drive home when I caught a glimpse of a HUGE, brilliant full moon. It looked like it was resting in the branches of the trees just at the top of the horizon. It was playing Hide-n-Seek with the passing gray clouds. When it would be peek through an opening, it glowed so bright. I saw moonbeams streaming through the clouds. I have never seen this before. It was really beautiful. It made my travels along a long flat road very exciting. When it would it pop out next?   It filled me with such joy!  

I knew that it was going to be the inspiration for a poem. Immediately the form of poetry popped into my head- an ode. I needed to praise this extraordinary moon. 

I learned later that this moon is called the Hunter's Moon. It is the first full moon after the autumnal equinox. It marks the arrival of the colder months. Farmers used it as a signal to prepare for the chilly months ahead. The moon appears larger than full moons in the summer months and lingers low on the horizon. It may have an orangish tint.

I am filled with gratitude that I was able to observe this year's Hunter's Moon for a few hours. It was absolutely stunning!

Poetic form: Ode

** The photo does not do justice to the true beauty of the moon that night.**

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Modern Day Pterodactyl

Long, thin feathered fear

Wings outstretched gliding downwards

Will it land on me????

Yes, the other day I was attacked by a modern day pterodactyl!  At least that is what it felt like to me as I was tucked into a ball with my heart pounding trying to escape my chest. 

I was hiking at Fillmore Glen State Park on a lovely cool end of summer day. The Gorge Trail was beautiful and relaxing until…..

in my peripheral vision, I saw something large. I turned to my right and noticed the Great Blue Heron gliding near me. It’s size was impressive. I called out to my husband so he could catch it in its flying glory. Then all of sudden the heron turned towards me and started descending. There was nowhere for this bird to land. The gorge wall was right behind me. My fear of birds erupted through my whole being- WAS IT GOING TO LAND ON ME?????

I turned to go back up the trail but that meant I had to cross a shaky bridge (another one of my fears) and that was NOT going to happen. So I covered my head and bent down. I was just waiting for the heron to crash into me. The next thing I heard was laughter. Yes, laughter!  I looked up to see the heron had turned and was flapping away in the opposite direction- up river and my husband was loudly laughing at my fear induced reactions. Once I realized I was safe, I started laughing too. 

But I will never forget the day I was attacked by the heron or my new name for it the Modern Day Pterodactyl!

(There are no photos of this actual heron as my husband tried to get his camera but was laughing too hard to get it before it flew away. Also, he states that the bridge was very stable- I do not agree!)

Poetry form- Haiku

Photo- this is a heron in flight at a different location- Pymatuning State Park in PA

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