Thursday, June 9, 2022

To Thwart the Heaviness



Yet clinging to one another

To thwart the heaviness,

And offer a clear lens

With a new perspective 

Of our topsy-turvy world. 

It had been a very rainy morning. I glanced out my window and saw raindrops clinging on to the ends of leaves and flowers like they were fighting to not let go. It seemed liked they wanted to still exist as raindrops and not just soak into the soil below.

This clinging of raindrops made me wonder how they stay on the delicate petals and pointy leaves without just falling. I did some research and found out the following:

1. Do to adhesion which counteracts gravity, the water molecules cling to another dissimilar surface.

2. Often instead of a perfect circle, you will find dome-shaped drops due to the texture of the material they are adhering to as well as the angle.

3. These globes of water are wonderful crystal clear lenses with inverted images.

In taking the time to slow down, notice and think about the beauty after the gloom, I realized that these little raindrops have a lesson for the world. Given the heaviness that is all around us, should we not join together and support each other through the negative forces in our world. By embracing the diversity of our human race, we will gain different perspectives and possibly see things in new ways. Maybe if we were more like raindrops forming attachments to surfaces different than our own, this topsy-turvy world could find some peace. 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Primed and Ready


Fuchsia orb of tightly packed petals,
Wrapped together for one more sleep,
To be awakened by warmth 
Of the sun’s morning kiss,
To feed its beauty
That is so primed
And ready
To burst


Mother Nature’s gift
In the glory of morning-
Bright beauty unfurls                                                             

These photos were taken approximately 12 hours apart. I was in my backyard yesterday and noticed that my peonies were about ready to bloom. An excitement rose within me and I could not wait until morning. I knew that the sun would provoke these buds to bloom. 
Upon waking this morning, it felt a bit like Christmas. There was a positive energy and excitement buzzing in me. I went down the stairs and immediately looked out the back window to see this gift from nature. The sun had worked its magic. The peonies were in full bloom with their fuchsia petals open and waving in the gentle breeze. What a beautiful way to begin the day!

1st poetry form: Nonet (9 line poem with decreasing syllables per line from 9 -1.)
2nd poetry from: Haiku (3 lines following syllable counts of 5-7-5.)

Monday, May 23, 2022

Startling, Magical Triumph

Barren and changeless                                                    

over months and months on end


startling, magical change

Signals life triumphs again.

This Bonsai tree has been in our home for 4 years now. Each December, it loses all of its green leaves. I keep it in the window through 5 months and it looks like a barren tree. My daughter commented that it looks like I am growing sticks. 

By now you think I would have learned the magic of this small tree. As the months of April and May pass, I doubt that this tree is still alive.  There is no change and my doubting increases with each passing day.  I wonder if it has finally died. Then as if by magic, one morning I notice the smallest green thread reaching out of the end of a branch. This sudden change always brings me such joy! I know that this plant has survived its life cycle again. More and more thin green leaves appear and grow a little broader each day.

Thank you little Bonsai tree for the reminder of rebirth after times of desolation. 

Poetry Form: Tanka Poem

Japanese poem with a syllable form per line of 5,7,5,7,7.


Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sky's Playfulness


blues, whites, grays

a kaleidoscope

made of sky's


of ever-shifting patterns

designed by earth's breath.

It was an absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning. I began the day with yoga on the edge of Lake Ontario. The blues of the lake and sky were just stunning. 

As my yoga practice came to a close, I reclined on my mat in shavasana. I decided to keep my eyes open given the gorgeousness of my surroundings. I was gazing upon wispy clouds against a cerulean sky.  Taking the time to just soak in the sun and sky above,  I was amazed at the delicate ever-changing patterns of the clouds above me. I was taking the time to immerse myself in this moment. Clouds would appear, flow, merge together or separate creating paintings on a solid blue canvas.

It truly was amazing how wisps of water vapor and subtle winds could create such masterpieces! Nature is truly an artistic genius.

Poetry Form: Shadorma - A Spanish six-line poem with 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllables in each line.  

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Master of Survival


How to Be a Dandelion

Be a master of survival.

Bring beauty to unexpected places.

Don’t surrender because not all see your worth. 

Settle into cracks, crevices and crusty soil.

Send down strong roots and spiky, green leaves up.

Don’t cower in these unknown places.

Bloom bursts of sunshine.

Stand strong and proud.

Don’t hide in the shadows.

Die valiantly golden warrior.

Carry wishes on the breeze.

Do celebrate seeds of hope.

 The other day it was actually sunny and warm so I decided to soak up some sun while doing backyard yoga. While laying on my yoga mat, I gazed across my lawn that was sprinkled with golden confetti. The dandelions were in full bloom celebrating a beautiful spring day. The vibrant yellow splashed against bright green grass was joyful.

I realize that not everyone values dandelions. I honestly do enjoy them. I admire how they grow in unexpected places like cracks in the sidewalk. I view them as wildflowers and not weeds and welcome their sunny faces in my yard or gardens. And even as an adult, I like to make wishes as I blow their fluffy white seeds into the air.

Next time you see dandelions, take the time to notice the beauty they bring to the world.

Poetry form: How to Be….

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Grazing for Spring


Green buds open,

paper petals

pepper the sky-

morsel of Spring.

Golden clusters,


of vibrant stars-

morsel of Spring.

Rising green waves

cresting over

dead leaf litter-

morsel of Spring.

Petite sunshines

climbing rock walls,

wishes to come-

morsel of Spring. 

It has been a gray, cold April here. The other day was sunny (still cool)but I was beckoned outside. As I walked, I noticed small notions of Spring. I was grazing to remind myself that Spring really is here and days of warmth and sunshine are near.  I was filling myself with images of a variety of leaves poking through brown dead leaves, flowers blooming and trees buds opening. Each time I spotted a new sign more joy and hope filled me. At the end of the walk, I felt full of energy. I was so thankful that nature fed my soul today.

Poetry form:  4 X 4 ( 4 syllables, 4 lines and 4 stanzas)

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Refracted and Reflected Hope

Refracted and reflected sunbeams      

Arcing delicately across the grumpy, grayness

Instant bursts of magical color

Nature’s way of making humans stop, stare and smile

Bride of rain

Offering hope

Worried world remember the promise of God

I had the pure delight the other night of seeing a large rainbow after a couple of days of grayness. I was driving home through changing weather- big, plonking raindrops one minute and then the next bright sunshine through some puffy white clouds. In my head  I whispered, “Could there be a rainbow?”. Then I came around a bend in the road and saw the beam of colors gloriously in front of me.  Instantly, I smiled and felt joyful. I grabbed my phone and tried to grab a photo before it disappeared (I was not driving). When I arrived home, all over social media were similar photos of this rainbow. This phenomenon of nature delivers moments of bliss to those who observe it. They also offer hope of beauty after darkness. Rainbows help keep our awe of this world alive. 

To Thwart the Heaviness

  Diverse- Yet clinging to one another To thwart the heaviness, And offer a clear lens With a new perspective  Of our topsy-turvy world.  It...