Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The After Tears

The storm has

rolled out,

an ordinary calm

carries in on its coattails.

All looks right in the world


a subtle rustle 



of the after tears

reveal the traumatic


of the deluge. 

Rain was forecasted to continue in an hour or so. A storm had just rolled through and at the moment it was a calm, gray day. I decided to squeeze in a walk along a trail in one of my favorite parks. 

While walking along the trail, I noticed the beaded drops of rain decorating the leaves as well as the tips of pine needles. It was a beauty after the hours of rain that morning. Taking a few more steps down the trail, I heard raindrops hitting leaves and then falling father down to my hat and skin. I stopped and thought -"Is it raining again? That was really quick." But then, I realized no. It was the drops of water resting on the far above leaves being rustled causing the drops to fall. It was like an aftershock of the rainstorm. 

Thinking about this aftershock brought to mind the storms in life we walk through as humans. The actual storm may have passed and to everyone else you look fine and normal, but then something (a song, a scent, a text) brings remnants of that storm right back up to the surface. Tears spring from a well within and unexpectedly flow down our faces. It shakes us for a moment and takes us back. These after tears reveal the hidden healing that still needs to take place from the trauma of the storms we have walked through. 

I think we need to remember that others around us could be dealing with after tears that we don't know about. So I suggest offering kindness to everyone you encounter because you never what may have been rustled to the surface that day.  

Photo Credit: Recap Faith KAYA at Pexels

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Perfect Teaspoonfuls of Creation

Sunny yellow finch 
perched on a coral zinnia- 
for just a moment 

White, pink-streaked petals 
stretching up towards sun's light- 
bloom lasts only days 

Blue body at rest 
still transparent wings outstretched- 
scared off suddenly 

At the horizon
sun in cotton candy sky- 
quickly fades to black 

Take notice of these perfect 
teaspoonfuls of creation.

The other day I was reading a book, Stitches, by Anne Lamott. A phrase she wrote stood out to me and would not leave my mind over the next few days- "perfect teaspoon of creation" (pg. 89) 

Then this morning, I was sitting in my living room when a yellow finch perched on the tippy-top of my orange zinnia. The two vibrant colors were just striking together. It lasted less than a minute but it struck me that this moment was one of those perfect teaspoonfuls of creation. 

Then as I went through the rest of my Sunday, I remained open to noticing these teaspoonfuls. I watched a gorgeous turquoise dragonfly rest for less than 30 seconds on a bush but oh was his color magnificent! I also walked through a garden of blooming lotus flowers and was in awe of their delicate beauty. Their blooms will only last 3-4 days but what an example of perfect creation they are! (Bergen Water Gardens and Nursery is a stunning place to visit and see these flowers in their glory.)

After collecting so many teaspoonfuls today, I knew I needed to write a poem to capture all of the beauty surrounding us each day. So I hope this poem inspires you to take notice of the perfect teaspoonfuls of creation that are all around you.  

Poetry Form: Haiku Sonnet
4 haikus and then a couplet of 5 or 7 syllables

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Mesmerizing with a Dance of Light

In the darkness, flashes of golden bright

like mystical fairies

flying through the summer night.

A bit of nature's magic

showering us with delight.

Igniting joy while

mesmerizing with a dance of light

in single blinks to ignited flurries

oh what a truly enchanted sight!

There is nothing better than sitting outside at twilight and catching the light show put on by fireflies. There is something magical about it. With each blink, a bit of joy is kindled in me. Sitting in silence, watching light dance around the yard is a pure joy of this season. I plan to soak it up each night I can. 

Poetry form: Magic 9

Photo Credit: Photo by Marek Piwnicki: https://www.pexels.com/photo/light-dawn-landscape-nature-12966921/

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Chameleonic Fruit



fall away,

white upside down

teardrop berry enlarges each day

palest tint of pink blushes over young skin

overnight maturity to vibrant red announces to the world- "Look! I am ready."

The other week from my CSA, I received a strawberry plant. I have watched it grow. Yesterday, I did some nature journaling and really focused on the berry. It was a large teardrop shape with a green-white hue. However in places, there could be seen the slightest touches of pale pink. Today the entire berry is a cotton candy pink. I believe when I wake up tomorrow, after a day in the sun, the berry will be ready for the world to enjoy. Hoping to see vibrant red tomorrow so I can enjoy its sweetness. Yum!

Poetry form: Fibonacci Poem

  • 1 syllable for first line
  • 1 syllable for second line
  • 2 syllables for third
  • 3 syllables for fourth
  • 5 syllables for fifth
  • 8 syllables for sixth

Saturday, July 8, 2023

The Power of a Sunrise

Along the horizon, a


band of orange


the darkness to a 

new day.


through pastel purples, pinks, peaches

until it fully


Flipping woe to


on this beautiful


Recently, I was able to visit Tybee Island, GA.  It is a wonderful area with beautiful beaches. I am not one who usually rises early in the morning to watch the beginning of a new day but while on vacation I did this twice. 

The first time my whole family woke before 6:00 AM to make it to the beach on time. We quietly walked the block to the beach, found a seat and settled in to watch the artistic work of nature. Watching the horizon, a thin line of glowing orange was a blip on the line of purple sky that met the water. Next, an arc of golden-orange rose above the water pushing into the mix of purple and pink. Then a brilliant orange orb hung in the sky where pink met peach. Finally, the glowing yellow sun rose into the blue and a new day had begun. 

The second time I went alone on our last morning of vacation. This morning the art was a bit different but still stunningly beautiful. Dark gray clouds hovered on the edge of the gray water. No light was shining through at the designated time of sunrise. I sat patiently waiting to see if anything would change. Then as the sun reached the crest of the clouds, orange and gold illuminated the grayness. It continued to rise through a grayish haze tinted very pale pink to baby blue skies. At the end, another fantastic sunny, cornflower blue sky day had begun. 

Watching both sunrises, gave me a different start to those days. It took away any worries or concerns for the day and filled me with hope instead. Seeing the light defeat the darkness made me focus on the light in my days.  Thank you Tybee Island for this life lesson.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

To Persist Through the Murkiness of Days

Smoky haze invades

battling with life-giving energy

to persist through the murkiness of days.

Fire devours all in its path

Soot remnants disperse on the winds

Smoky haze invades

Through an apocalyptic numbness

an orange orb pulsates

battling with life giving energy 

It does not succumb

but shines hope

to persist through the murkiness of days.

The past few days the skies where I live have been taken over by the smoke from the wildfires in Canada. It just hangs in the air making everything murky. As soon as you walk out of your door, the smell of fire fills your nose. The sun does not shine but you can still see it in the sky. It is an orange orb of brightness in a huge expanse of gray. It will not let the smoky haze obliterate it. It is a reminder that this murkiness will pass and our days will be lit by its light again. Just hanging in the sky it offers hope.

I realize that I am experiencing nothing compared to the people who are living near the fires and directly dealing with its destruction. My thoughts and prayers are with you. 

Poetry form: Cascade 

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Magical Medicine for My Soul


Dear Mother Nature,

I just wanted to express 

my thanks to you 

for the constant care you wrap around me.

Your fresh air cleanses my body

as I release stress and anxiety into your winds.

Your beautiful blooming flowers

color my world diminishing the gray gloom of my mind.

That absolutely glorious sun

energizes me with its life-giving powers.

Your flowing waters create cascading melodies

washing calm into my being.

Thank you for offering all of yourself to me so unselfishly.

Being in your presence

is magical medicine for  my soul.

I certainly don't say it enough- 


With great love,

Your child- Cathy

I was reminded this weekend about the power of nature. Spending time in the sun amongst beautiful flowers with a warm fresh breeze tickling my face, just washed away the tenseness of the past week. My whole spirit feels so different than it did a day or two ago. I have always known that being outdoors is my comfort place. So I am expressing my gratitude to Mother Nature for all that she provides for me. 

Poetry Form: Epistolary Poem -a poem that reads as a letter

The After Tears

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