Friday, March 26, 2021

Skyscrapers of the Woods


Skyscrapers of these woods

-only the penthouse views 

are encased in greenery.

Looking up towards the blue sky and glowing sun, it struck me that only the very tops of these coniferous trees proudly fanned out green needles.

The remainder of the tree was a skinny, bare, straight trunk. Hardly any branches reached out from this tall column of arbor. Yet, it kept reaching higher battling for the light of life.

Standing there, looking up, I felt so small.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Guardians of Spring’s Door

Small guardians of Spring

poke through the remnants of leaves and snow

Proclaiming its arrival

in a vibrant golden glow.

Glancing out the window into my backyard, my eyes are drawn to a pop of color low on the ground. I realize it is a large patch of crocuses in their first bloom of the year.

It is nature announcing in a vibrant, energetic voice- “SPRING IS HERE! Come and see the renewal of beauty to this brown and gray land.”

I am so excited to do what I do each Spring. I go out and admire these small but strong flowers. Such a combination of delicacy and yet the power to rise.  

I salute these guardians of Spring’s door and celebrate your return with joy.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Two Seasons Intertwine

Two seasons intertwine-

last vestiges of snow




the squishy, squelchy mud.

- Two seasons intertwine. 

A day in March can be such a confliction. Winter and Spring vying to see who can triumph.

Still cold, brisk breezes battle the sunshine warming the air and ground

Icy, slippery, shady paths compete against the inches deep, slip-slidin’ mud encased steps 

The silence of the woods tussle with the chirps and tweets of returning birds

Winter and Spring wrestle with each other throughout the day.

I choose to be a peacemaker. I will savor the last of the snow and crisp air before it fades for another year. I happily welcome with arms wide open the hopeful signs of Spring and its soon to be arrival.

No need for conflict... just conciliation.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

The birds SANG!

My eyes pry open-

as I groggily adjust

to the senses of a new day.

A forgotten sound fills my ears-

the tweeting and chirping of birds

welcoming the dawn.

A smile spreads,

joy blossoms in my soul,

winter is nearing an end.

The birds sing the 

hope of spring.

Oh what a glorious alarm! I don’t remember the last time I opened my eyes to the day and had this sweet sound fill my ears. It has been months- those cold winter months in Upstate New York. These tweets bring hope of Spring and they began my day with JOY!

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