Sunday, July 25, 2021

Jewels of a Storm

 Glistening raindrops 
Resting on broad hosta leaves
- jewels of a storm

These past weeks have been filled with so much rain. Every single day this precipitation falls from the sky dampening summer plans. No hiking the mountain today- severe thunderstorms on the way. Cancel the soccer game because the field is a swamp.

I was feeling a bit down as the raindrops fell for about the 8th day in a row. When was this going to end and the summer sun return? 

After a bit of time, I looked out the window and was shocked to see sun! I went out my front door to relish in the rays. I looked down and paused in awe. The raindrops were clinging to plants and glistening across my garden. It looked like a fairy had sprinkled some magic over my plants turning raindrops into diamonds. This sparkle of the reflecting sun reminded me that beauty can be found after days of gloom. Those jewels of the storm were a treasure found.

This seemed to be nature’s reminder to me that beauty can be found in unexpected times and places. Just keep your eyes open!


Sunday, July 18, 2021

A Square of Surprise

Eyes slowly open

glance up through the square-


Wait! Am I dreaming?

Squeeze eyes shut- reopen


Forecast of continued clouds

and thunderstorms throughout but-


Happiness this morn’

Rethink plans for the day-


Hop out of bed

seize the warmth, sun and


~ before grays predicted return

On a getaway to the Catskill Mountains, the weather changed our plans on Saturday. Severe thunderstorms rolled through and knocked out the power to our cabin.

Instead of having a fire and s’mores, we drove around to find flashlights and candles. The first stop was out of flashlights and batteries but we struck gold at a tiny gas station. Fantastic- light for the night!

Since we had a signal there, we checked on the weather. More rain and storms throughout the night as well as 90%-100% chance of rain all day Sunday. We decided to sleep in and have a lazy morning.

As I opened my eyes on Sunday morning and looked up through a skylight,I saw BLUE! I couldn’t believe it so I closed my eyes and took a breath. I opened my eyes and again BLUE with puffy white clouds.

The thought of a lazy Sunday morning totally vanished. Energy flowing, I popped out of bed to get the day started!

The power was back,the sun was out, the sky was BLUE! Time to seize this positive start and get out into this unexpected joy.

- Before predicted storms arrive later about 4:00. We shall see…

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Embrace or Wither?

Searing heat


from sun rays

to everything

they grace their

potent light upon.

Plants shrivel,

grass browns,

humans stay inside

to escape

the humid, hot,

instant sweat-creating air.

Waves upon waves

of increasing heat,

days upon days

of grilling sunshine,

no one ventures 


to embrace summer joy-

so many days left to wither.

In my mind, summer is supposed to be filled with outdoor adventures surrounded by nature. It might be a Book Club meeting in a forest, a yoga class at a beach, or a hike in a cool creek. It is a time of outdoor enjoyment.

So the past few days have been horrible for me. I have stayed in my house basically all day. The feel like temperatures were above 100 and the humidity was so high. There was a Heat Advisory for the area. Honestly, if I just stepped out of the house and stood there, sweat would be dripping down my face. 

I HATE days like these. I know that I am probably in the minority in upstate New York because we don't have a long summer. But I truly don't understand the love for days like this. I can find nothing enjoyable about them. I don't want to live inside in July or have AC on all of the time. I love windows open and fresh air moving throughout the house.

These days of neighbors staying inside, no children's laughter filling the air and the hum of air conditioners running seems like such a waste of these precious summer days. Instead of the day being filled with life, its hours seem to wither away. 

Oh cooling breezes when will you arrive so I can again embrace the fullness of summer days!

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