Sunday, July 18, 2021

A Square of Surprise

Eyes slowly open

glance up through the square-


Wait! Am I dreaming?

Squeeze eyes shut- reopen


Forecast of continued clouds

and thunderstorms throughout but-


Happiness this morn’

Rethink plans for the day-


Hop out of bed

seize the warmth, sun and


~ before grays predicted return

On a getaway to the Catskill Mountains, the weather changed our plans on Saturday. Severe thunderstorms rolled through and knocked out the power to our cabin.

Instead of having a fire and s’mores, we drove around to find flashlights and candles. The first stop was out of flashlights and batteries but we struck gold at a tiny gas station. Fantastic- light for the night!

Since we had a signal there, we checked on the weather. More rain and storms throughout the night as well as 90%-100% chance of rain all day Sunday. We decided to sleep in and have a lazy morning.

As I opened my eyes on Sunday morning and looked up through a skylight,I saw BLUE! I couldn’t believe it so I closed my eyes and took a breath. I opened my eyes and again BLUE with puffy white clouds.

The thought of a lazy Sunday morning totally vanished. Energy flowing, I popped out of bed to get the day started!

The power was back,the sun was out, the sky was BLUE! Time to seize this positive start and get out into this unexpected joy.

- Before predicted storms arrive later about 4:00. We shall see…


  1. Love how you used a color word to grab attention and paint a picture of what you were seeing and feeling on a day that you thought would be gray! Have fun on your trip. :-)

  2. Cathy, what a wonderful surprise. I, too, was excited to see BLUE today. The rain and clouds have been a constant over the last few weeks. I love how your poem takes us step by step through your discovery. It is delightful.


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