Sunday, September 11, 2022

Memoir in the Mountains



of Earth

through all time-

weathered and worn,

craggy, creased, wrinkled.

Frown   fissures   at   the   foot.

Laugh   lines  litter   the  steep   slope.

Crow’s  feet crack the sun-kissed  summit.

Earth’s    memoir    entombed   in    creation. 

While in Alaska, I sailed closely by many mountains. While in Glacier Bay, I noticed the many lines, cervices and cracks covering the surfaces. Immediately it popped into my head that these markings are similar to the wrinkles on our faces. People often mention that those wrinkles tell our story. I wish I could chat with the mountains to hear about the worries, joys and other experiences that left these markings on the Earth’s face. What would be told in the memoir of these mountains- I wonder…

Poetry Form: Nonet but I took the liberty to reverse it so I would say it is a Reverse Nonet. I started with 1 syllable on the first line and ended with 9 syllables for line 9.  I chose to do this so the poem could form a mountain with it words. 

Friday, September 2, 2022

Oh, My Smallness

Majestic mountains

soar miles to a summit crowned by clouds.

Oh, my smallness in this world 

- a mere pebble.

Immense glacial walls

sculpt the land for ten thousands of years.

Oh, my smallness in this world

-a mere millisecond.

Pure awesomeness of God’s creation

accentuates my humble humanness.

Oh, my smallness in this world

- a mere inhabitant.

I recently had the privilege to sail Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. As I sailed farther and farther into the bay, I realized my smallness in comparison to the ultimate grandness surrounding me. The Park Ranger accompanying our ship made a comment about how we were sailing back in time. I felt this way as we passed mountains and glaciers that have been part of this Earth for more years than I can imagine. This was pure wilderness as no humans inhabit this area. There was a quiet hush as many passengers stood in silence honoring the amazingness around us. 

As humans, we believe that we are the BIG thing on this planet. More important than anything else on our Earth. But, being here makes you notice how small we really are. The Earth can survive without us and will continue on past our smudge of a lifetime.  We should be humbled by      this and take care of our planet that provides for our lives. 

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