Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Triggered Transformation


32 degrees

triggers transformation.

Oxygen atoms plus the four nearest hydrogen neighbors

bond in a rigid lattice

stretched with openness,

as a paper thin sheet of frozen crystals


the pond. 

I was walking a trail the other morning, actually one of the only mornings below freezing that we have had this year, when I was stopped by the beauty of the sun reflecting off the ice (it also has been pretty gray around here).  It just made me stop and notice one of the beauties of winter that cannot happen in any other season.  

Then it made me wonder- how does ice really form? how can it form such a thin layer?  I went home and googled more information about how water turns from liquid to solid. It is a pretty amazing thing that happens with this liquid becoming less dense as a solid. The new learning I had inspired the poem above.

I love how a simple walk caused a wonder that brought me new learning and understanding. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A Whispered Wish

A garland of white 

lays gently atop the glossy, serrated leaves 

as vivid ruby berries 

adorn the thin brown branches.

Mother Nature whispers,

“Merry Christmas” to the world. 

Finally, last weekend snow covered the ground-at least for a few hours. It looked so beautiful cascading to earth. As I paused in my wrapping, I glanced out the window. I noticed that my holly bush looked like it had been decorated for Christmas. The snow was captured by the leaves allowing it to encircle the bush. The red berries were clustered in groups adding vibrancy to the darker green. It seemed that nature was prepared to join in the joyous celebration of Christmas. 

Thank you Mother Nature for making me see the beauty in the season and the gift of recognizing the joy in small things. 

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Shining Delight- Ode to December Sunshine

 Oh sunshine

brightening the dawn's sky

announcing the day will be fine

the storm has blown by.

Oh sunshine

you cast energy into me

chasing away my cloudy whine

changing the way I see.

Oh sunshine

my face basks in your light

weaving through branches of pine

 spreading warmth to all in your sight. 

Oh sunshine

you are pure delight

the world's hopeful sign

glowing with positive golden might.

Awakening this morning to a quiet, calm that replaced the rushing, powerful destructive winds of the night. It is truly amazing how the weather can be completely different in a very short amount of time.

Looking out the window, I noticed blue sky and sunshine.  SUNSHINE!!! Immediately, I knew this was going to be a great day. There was no gloomy gray cloudiness that is often the daily existence in December. I knew I needed to get outside and soak in as much vitamin D as possible. 

Walking with the sun warming my face, just brought forth a feeling of love for this glowing orb in the sky.  It does so much more for me than just provide light and warmth. It brightens my soul and gives positivity to my perspective. Thank you for all that you provide me with oh sun!

Poetry form : Ode

An ode is a lyrical poem that praises or glorifies. This ode was inspired by my walk today and wanting to praise the sun.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Beautiful or Horrific?

 First dusting of snow,

Beautiful or horrific?

Choose your perspective.

Recently, the first snow of the season happened overnight. In the morning, I was struck by the quiet beauty that had covered the world in the darkness. With the sun just beginning to rise, a light blue tint colored the morning. It started my day in such a positive way- being surrounded by the beauty of winter.

Upon arriving at work that morning, I realized not everyone felt the same way. Many colleagues were grumbling about the snow, cold and slipperiness. When checking my social media, the dissing of the first snow continued with total annoyance that more is definitely to come over the next few months.  I was not totally surprised by this because I know many people who live in my state do not enjoy winter at all. 

The differing of opinions showed a stark contrast. It truly is all in your perspective. Do you see it as beautiful or not? Will your next few months be filled with complaining or joy as we progress through winter? 

Well, I vote for looking for the joy in the blankets of snow and the beauty that only exists during this season! What will your perspective be?

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