Monday, February 15, 2021

The Summons

 The Summons

A glance out the window-

A beckoning

Flares in my soul.

Come out,


                  Soak in the wonder

             That nature


It is early Saturday morning as I lift the blinds. My eyes rest on the pure, fluffy, white snow that overnight turned the world into a winter game of hide-n-seek. I feel a pull deep inside- tugging me to get out there.

So I check my weather app. It feels like 5 degreees. Ohhh-do I really want to go. Another glance outside and my soul bellows, “Go, experience this!”

The crunch of crisp snow graces my ears as I step over untouched snow. I warm as I walk soaking in the sun’s rays and blue skies. The cold air touches the bottom of my lungs refreshing me with each breath.

As I loop back, I am so grateful that I answered the summons nature sent to me this morning. What a new perspective I have for the rest of my day to come.

I realize that nature calls to me through all 4 seasons....

~ Bright summer sunshine caressing all in its breadth

~ Raindrops pattering amongst the spring puddles

~ Leaves of russet and gold tumbling through the autumn skies

~ Snowflakes enveloping the world in a quiet, pristine blanket of white

I need to be open to the call and wander outside to see the gifts given to me by nature. It refreshes, renews and rejuvenates me. 

Nature beckons and I need to continue to say yes.


  1. I'm sitting here reading your post, wondering whatever took you so long to do this. You are a natural. Please do not stop sharing. You posts would make great Slices for SOLSC - every Tuesday and during the month-long March challenge. I hope you are planning to participate.

  2. I wish we were neighbors because after reading this I see that we are kin! I especially liked "the cold air touches the bottom of my lungs refreshing me!" That is literally why I absolutely love winter walks! Beautiful writing, Cathy!
    ~Cheryl Curbishley

  3. I absolutely love the title of your blog, so glad you chose to use it. The pictures are beautiful.

  4. Keep saying YES! Beautiful writing, Cathy!

  5. Cathy! Oh goodness. I love this so much. My soul feels better just reading your words about the power of nature. Also, I love your profile pic.

  6. Love it! I was on your walk with you! Keep writing my friend! Beautiful!

  7. Beautiful writing and photos. Encourages me to go out and enjoy nature! Thank you!

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  9. I love this, and I especially relate to the part where you checked the temperature and briefly wondered if you should venture out into the frigid air. Beautiful, touching work, Cathy!


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