Monday, August 23, 2021

Caught in a Glance


Vivid orange flicks through
my field of vision.
Following it to my right,
3 monarchs in flight.

My field of vision-
wildflowers blooming all around
large and small butterflies are found.

Following it to my right,
A butterfly perches on thistle
with its proboscis unrolled into the bristle.

3 monarchs in flight,
a delicate graceful dance-
How lucky was I to catch this in a glance.

This Sunday afternoon I decided to go for a walk along a trail that I hadn’t been to in awhile. Upon arrival, I noticed the field was full of blooming wildflowers. I figured it would be a treat to wander the trail through these alone. I didn’t know that I would be treated by nature to so much more.

A few minutes into the walk, something bright orange flew through my field of vision. I looked and saw a monarch fluttering around. Then another one came and joined in the up, down twisting dance.  Then to my amazement a third one joined in the game of hopscotch from flower to flower.

Now, I have seen monarchs many times before but a few things stood out of the ordinary this time. First was the vibrancy of their orange. I don’t know if it was the angle of the sun or the background of greenery but they just glowed. It simply was stunning! (I know that this time their color was brighter and deeper because my husband commented the same thoughts that I had been thinking,)

Second, I usually see one monarch flying on its own and then pausing to eat on a flower. This time the dance of flight of 3 monarchs together was joyful. I couldn’t help but stop and smile as you saw them playing together in the sunshine.

As I continued down the path, I thought my butterfly encounter was done for the day. Then I rounded a curve in the path and came upon a batch of thistle. Sitting on a tip was a black and yellow butterfly gently opening and closing its wings. I took tentative steps forward hoping to get a closer look. The butterfly’s proboscis was unrolled and moving up and down as it sucked up nectar. It was amazing to just be still and watch a butterfly feed. 

This trail gave me experiences with nature that I was not expecting today. The butterflies were the joyful ones. (I’ll save the tales of frogs and baby chipmunks for another day.)

Poetry Form: Trimeric (a poem with 4 stanzas, the first stanza has 4 lines, the other 3 stanzas have 3 lines, the first line of each stanza is a refrain of the corresponding line in the first stanza)

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Am I that Acorn?


Tossing, turning, submerging, floating

Through cresting, crashing rhythmic waves

Cascading towards the shore

Grounded by gritty sand

As water retreats

A voyager

Rests in sun



I was walking along the shore of Lake Ontario earlier this week and came upon a unique voyager on the waves. I stopped to watch as an acorn was batted about on the incoming waves. At times, it was visible, then not. It was upright and then topsy-turvy. Finally, it was deposited on the soaked sands as the waves retreated back into the lake. It’s wet shell glistened in the sun as it lay in stillness surrounded by other trinkets moved by the powerful force of water. I wonder if it was glad to find a resting place.

As I watched this acorn, I realized that I traveled the same path through this last year- being upright then the world being upside down. Being batted around by things out of my control- COVID, masking and social distancing guidelines, school guidelines changing daily, my college kids home then away then home. I felt like I was washed ashore at the end of the school year in June. I was able to just BE in summer stillness soaking up the sun. I had time to surround myself with friends who had made it through too and share our stories and complex feelings. I know that I was extremely glad to find a resting place for a few months this summer. I plan to soak up the last few weeks of just BEING.

Poetry Form: Nonet - a 9 line poem that has 9 syllables in the first line, 8 syllable in the 2nd line and so on. The last line contains 1 syllable.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Some Love for Shade



Summer’s shade

Coolness fills the air

Protection from intense sun rays

Comfortable relief in daylight’s shawdowy darkness

Its’s over 90 degrees and the humidity is 49% making it feel like 97 degrees outside.

A 4 day heat wave is predicted with today being the lowest in temperature- ha! 90 is not low.

On days like these, I am so absolutely thankful for the shade cast by our sun. When outside, I seek it out. That is where I want to be- in the shade of a tree or the shadow cast by my house. The shade makes these days bearable. These dark areas on a summer day make it so you can still venture outside and enjoy.  It makes it feel like you are note melting into the earth.

Stepping into this summer darkness, you feel the temperature drop a bit. I think that shade is often taken for granted but I just want to say loud and proud today that I LOVE SHADE!

Poetry Form: Fibonacci Poem  The syllables in one line equal the total number of syllables in the preceding two lines (1,2,3, 5, 8, 13…)

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Flowers = Memories + Smiles




                                Forget me?

                                 - NOT!

I just love when I come across these flowers on the sides of trails. Their small, delicate, pastel beauty is a pleasant surprise amongst the trail greenery.

There are 4 meanings associated with these 5 petal blue blooms.

1. True love

2. Fidelity- faithful and truthful

3. Long lasting connections that can’t be broken or shaken by anything

4. Remembering someone

I have always tied Forget-me-nots to my dad who passed away when I was 17. They definitely make me remember someone dear to me. I also believe I still have a strong long lasting connection with him as my special guardian angel.

Seeing these wildflowers along the trail always bring a smile for their beauty and memories of being Daddy’s little girl.

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