Friday, October 22, 2021

The Beauty in an Ending

Released from unsustaining tethers,

golden confetti

downwardly chass├ęs


autumn’s final


I was standing on a trail looking up through the trees towards the sun. Suddenly, a strong autumnal breeze shook the leaves releasing golden flutters into the sky. It was so beautiful as golden leaves glided from side to side on their way to their final resting place. I felt as if Mother Nature had tossed confetti into the air in celebration of the lifecycle of these leaves. They had reached the end of their time but were ending their lives in pure beauty, grace and peace. I was so thankful I was a part of this moment and shared in the calmness that pervaded the forest around me. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Nature = Truly Me

 Without words,

         you soothe my soul.

Without embraces,

          you surround me with understanding.

Without hearing,

          you accept my secrets, heartaches and dreams.

Without judgment,

          you offer compassion and care.

Without thoughts,

         you fill me with wisdom.

With you, I am truly me. 

Over the long weekend, I had the privilege to spend time camping. One morning as I sat sipping my tea and looking out over the trees into blue sky, I realized how much nature gives to me. It is there for me in good times and where I run to for comfort on those challenging days. Breathing in the scent of a forest, relieves my stress and calms my mind. Just sitting in its peace, lets my mind wander allowing me to think through paths of solving problems or reaching goals. Nature always reminds me to be mindful and notice the awe in the world around me. 

Nature relaxes me. Nature rejuvenates me. Nature influences me. Nature is me.

Thank you nature for all that you give to me. 

(Photo was my view that inspired me to write.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Behold the Beauty

Dapples of burgundy

Swishes of gold

Daubs of ruby 

Brushes of orange

Splashes of chestnut

Shades of emerald

Framed by pond and sky

- an autumnal masterpiece to behold.

I am in awe every autumn when surrounded by the amazing foliage of Western New York. It is my favorite season in part due to nature’s artistry.

I stood looking out across the pond and felt like I had been dropped into a framed landscape in a museum. The colors were so vibrant with various hues highlighted by the sun’s rays. The pond and sky were a natural frame to the spread of trees before me.  I just stood and admired for many moments.

I wanted to capture this view as a reminder of the season’s beauty. I used my camera to snap a photo or two but these images do not do the scene justice. The human eye can see the real beauty.

So if you live where the leaves change color, go outside, look around and behold the beauty!

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