Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Nature = Truly Me

 Without words,

         you soothe my soul.

Without embraces,

          you surround me with understanding.

Without hearing,

          you accept my secrets, heartaches and dreams.

Without judgment,

          you offer compassion and care.

Without thoughts,

         you fill me with wisdom.

With you, I am truly me. 

Over the long weekend, I had the privilege to spend time camping. One morning as I sat sipping my tea and looking out over the trees into blue sky, I realized how much nature gives to me. It is there for me in good times and where I run to for comfort on those challenging days. Breathing in the scent of a forest, relieves my stress and calms my mind. Just sitting in its peace, lets my mind wander allowing me to think through paths of solving problems or reaching goals. Nature always reminds me to be mindful and notice the awe in the world around me. 

Nature relaxes me. Nature rejuvenates me. Nature influences me. Nature is me.

Thank you nature for all that you give to me. 

(Photo was my view that inspired me to write.)

1 comment:

  1. Cathy, the entire poem is so very nice, but "Without thoughts / you fill me with wisdom" really hits home for me. There's so much to learn from nature, in addition to everything else it has to offer us!


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