Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Summer Slips to September

Anticipation is so high in the

Beginning of summer.

Classes end,

Days grow longer,

Energy of possibilities pulses.

Freedom from routines

Greets us on 

Hot, humid hundred degree days.

Ice cream drips down sugar cones

Junking up hands with stickiness

Kids licking both in delight.

Lightning bugs flash on and off these





Quaint lighting

Round our bonfires, relaxing us.

Sun sinks into waves, a

Tapestry of nature’s artistry as

Utter beauty paints the sky.

Vacation lessens with each sinking.

Winds of September bring cooler air.

X’s on the calendar mark each day’s passing. 

You hold tight to summer’s pace

Zoning out for one final day. 

So yesterday was Labor Day and today is my final day of summer vacation. School begins tomorrow. All of this brought me to reflect on the summer. Oh, how quickly it seemed to pass. 

Those days of…

Waking up at a time of my choosing

Soaking up the sun in hours spent outdoors- hiking, biking, yoga

Reveling in the beauty of nature - capturing it in photos

Writing for myself- filling notebooks with the joys of this summer

Devouring books just for the delight of reading and escaping

Vacationing with family- hiking, games, laughter, meals, cherished times

Oh July and August what treasures you brought!

I decided to honor my last day by respecting summer’s slower pace. Taking the time to just be throughout this final day. I know the schedule, rushed routine and stress return tomorrow. I am savoring these last moments of summer… how delightful it truly is. 

Poetry Form: Alphabet Poem


  1. We start back tomorrow. I have savored today.

  2. I love this form and your poem. It eased my mind as I think about returning to my second week. Enjoy your first day.


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