Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Summer Lights




Did you know?

Summer vacation is a go!




No need for the daily dash

just sit back, relax and crash.

glow                           glow

        GLOW                               GLOW

                       glow  glow

A June nighttime show

announcing summer vacation is a go!

As a teacher you truly live to say- "School's out for the SUMMER!"

On my first night of no alarm clock the next day, I sat in my backyard at dusk. As it darkened, I was treated to a natural light show. Fireflies were in abundance. Lights were flashing here, then there throughout my garden. It looked like strings of fairy lights had been laid in my bushes as they twinkled with this summer light. It added a party feel to my yard. It felt like the world was cheering that I had made it through this challenging and unique school year. The here and there again lights bubbled joy within me and launched me into my summer mode of beginning to slow down and rejuvenate. Embrace those summer nights!

Photo from Shutterstock 

My photo did not really catch any fireflies glowing. It was just black.

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