Sunday, November 7, 2021

Fading Mask

Fading chlorophyll 

reveals leaves true colors

gold, red or orange.

Elegant beauty displayed

as green’s mask falls more each day.

Can we learn from leaves?

Drop our protective facades,

a daunting risk.

Show our true selves to others.

Our realness -as  stunning.

Walking around during the last few days, I have been delighted in the foliage before me. Finally, the reds, yellows and oranges of this season are on display. As I walk through the trees with fallen leaves rustling about my feet, I remembered reading that these colors are always present in the leaves but hidden by chlorophyll during the spring and summer.  As the leaves stop making chlorophyll, the green fades and these true colors are shown to the world. 

This idea of green being a mask floated about in my head.  It made me think about people and how we wear masks daily and don’t reveal our true personalities to many people. But the people who do get to see our true colors often see the beauty in our vulnerability and love our faults as well as our strengths.  This acceptance adds beauty to the world. 

Poetry form:  Tanka (2 tankas in this piece)

1 comment:

  1. This past spring, I noticed the wide variety of greens as leaves covered the trees… and now in fall, an abundance of colors is revealed with the unmasking, as your poetry captures. Both seasons offering so much beauty.


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